AirBC Flight 5607 was a scheduled flight between Abbotsford and Fresno. The plane struck a Hamilton Airways Boeing 757-300 on the runway. Both planes were given clearance to take-off on the same runway coming right at each other. The AirBC Beechcraft 1900D began it's take-off roll right before the 757 did. The pilots saw each other and the 757 pilot pulled the plane up to begin it's ascent. At the same time, the AirBC flight captain gave the engine full power and tried to bring the plane onto the grass beside the runway. The 757's landing scrapped the roof of the Beechcraft. The Beechcraft did not have any injuries aboard. The 757 slammed hard back down onto the runway after the landing gears hit the Beechcraft. After the plane slammed down, the nose landing gear gave away and the plane skidded about 2000 feet on the nose before coming to stop near the end of the runway. 72 people were injured on the 757.


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