Air Comox has ceased operations, re-started operations multiple times.

As ComoxJet Edit

ComoxJet was founded by Weston Allen.  

Aircraft Routes Served Notes
DHC 6 Twin Otter YQQ-YCD, YQQ-YXX 4 In Fleet
Beechcraft 1900D Charter 1 In Fleet

As Air ComoxEdit

Air Comox was founded by Sir David LaForest.  The airline operated 3-4 DHC-6 Twin Otters depending on season.  The airline operated for Transavia.  

As ComoxConnectionEdit

ComoxConnection was founded in 2007 by Donald Matthews.  Matthews remained CEO until 2010 when Bob Reynolds was named CEO.  The airline was merged into EasyJet in 2011.  Later in 2011,  Quinton Matthews, Donald Matthews Son, was named CEO of the airline.  In 2012 the airline became seprate again.

Past Fleet:

Aircraft Pax. # In Fleet
Beechcraft 1900D 19 3
Cessna 208 Caravan 14 1 (Removed after accident)
Short 330 30 2

Current Fleet:

Aircraft Pax. # In Fleet
DHC 6-Twin Otter 19 6
Cessna 208 Caravan 14 3
ATR 42 42 0 (2 On-Order)

ComoxConnection Flight 802 (July 20, 2014) had just been unloaded and was getting refueled at Comox Airport when the aircraft burst into flames and exploded.  No injuries.  Quinton Matthews claims that the aircraft had a scheduled maintainence check on July 17, 2014.  Due to no longer having the aircraft, the Abbotsford-Comox route had to be cut-down to 3 services a day, instead of 5.  

ComoxConnection Flight 8099 (September 3, 2015) was cruising at 8800 feet when one of the 8 passengers on the Cessna 208 Caravan, a young man, opened the door and jumped out. Passengers reported that he seemed to become angry and jumped out. The man was identified as Cory Black who was depressed. The 2-month old Cessna 208 Caravan was not damaged. The plane was flying from Abbotsford to Comox and once the door was shut, the plane continued to Comox.