Key Facts:Edit

Company Name:Air Ditka
Call Sign:DITKA
Destinations:7 Domestic.1 International
Fleet Size:7
Team Colour:Yellow
Subsidiaries:Ditka Airlines
Alliance:Air Mafia

Air Ditka was formed on July 3rd 2010 flying from it's headquarters in Chicago to a few American destinations using a single Bombardier Dash Q400.As time went by Air Ditka gained money and eventually bought an Airbus A300F on the 19th of July.On the first day of August later that year the airline bought it's first and only Boeing 757-200F.On the 17th and 18th the airline leased 3 A300F's.And on the 24th the airline bought the last plane.Another A300F.


From it's base in Chicago the airlie operates to 7 destinations.


America:Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, New York, Portland, St.Louis.


Air Ditka operates a fleet of 7 aircraft.These are:

Type Amount Pax/Cargo Range Serve's Reg'stration
A300F 2 Owned 3 Leased 51,000KG 4,800KM All Destinations #27373, Sweetness, #27834, 27833, 30565,
757-200F 1 51,700KG 5,834KM All Destinations Singletary

Bombardier Dash Q400

1 68 (68 Economy) 2,800KM Short Routes MiniDitka


Air Ditka is part of the alliance Air Mafia.The alliance has 21 Slots and 2 improvements.The Repairs Discount Improvement,and the New Aircraft Purchase Discount.