Key Facts:Edit

Company name:Air Mayo
Call sign:MAYO TIGER
Destinations:4 Domestic,2 International
Fleet size:1

Team Colour:White

Subsidiaries:Air DickCargo

Alliance: SEX Alliance



Air Mayo was created after the fall of Swiss International Air Lines.But near the same period in which Swiss fell down,Eire International Airways also fell down due to rising debt.Then the two CEO's decided to create a company called Air Mayo ltd..Jack O Sullivan (head of Eire International) took the role of COO of the company and CEO of Air Mayo Cargo.While Mickey Flanagan (Head of Swiss) took the CEO of both Air Mayo,and the company Air Mayo ltd.


Starting OperationsEdit

Air Mayo started operations on the 5th of August 2010.The airline started out with 2 Antonov 148's flying from Castlebar to Stornway,Isle of Man and Torshavn in the Faroe Islands.It also operates from Shannon,Cork and Belfast in Northern Ireland.The next day they launched their first flights to Europe,flying to Nantes in France.And the same day the airline bought their first Yakolev 40.Bought to handle the increased traffic and demand.On the 7th of August the airline agreed to look into North America.The airline's AN-148's were able to do that.On the ninth the airline started flights to St.John's in Canada.But 5 days later they were forced to sell the St.John's slot because of increased traffic in Europe,the other two planes simply could not cope with the traffic.


The airline has a fleet of three aircraft:

Type: Amount: Passengers: Range: Serve's: Reg'stration

ERJ 175

2 (1 On Order) 78 (Economy) 3,334KM All Destinations EI-EIF,EI-EIG
B727-100 2 (On Order) 149 (135 Economy,14 Business) 4,950KM All Destinations EI-EIH


Air Mayo is part of the Irish Skies Alliance.The CEO of Air Mayo is the VGM while the GM owns Air Mayo Cargo.The alliance is based in Castlebar like the two airlines.


On the 15th of August,Air Mayo decided to take a step forward,by upgrading it's fleet over a 5 month period.The airline's CEO said "It's time we take a step forward here,and that's what we're doing by upgrading our fleet".The next day the airline put one of their Antonov AN-148's on auction.The next day,EI-EIB was sold for more more than $14 Million dollars.On the 21st of August the airline will auction it one Yakolev YAK-40 because of low profits and even losses.The airline has orders for 2 ERJ 175's and one 727-100 with one option.The first ERJ is due to be delivered on the 29th of August 2010 and the last on the 24th of December.The 727-100 is due to be delivered on January 2nd.If the one option is selected as a 727-100,then it will be delivered on February the 14th.