Airport slots are what allow you to land your plane in a particular city. You must buy a slot for the city you wish to fly to. You are allowed to buy up to 15 airport slots in cities all around the world.

Buying Airport Slots

You can purchase airport slots using the link named "Buy Airport Slot" on the menu to the left. The screen will tell you how many slots you currently own, a drop down menu to buy slots, and the price the current slot will cost you to purchase. Your first slot will cost you $200,000 and each slot will increase in cost by $20,000 compared to the last slot. So slot two will cost $220,000.

Selling Airport Slots

You can also sell slots back if you wish to do so. To sell slots you must first go to the Airline Information screen. There you will see a line showing the number of slots you own. Click detailed view next to the number of slots. There you will see a drop down menu with all of the slots you own. At the top you will see the selling cost for selling the slot. This is the amount of money you will receive when you sell the slot. Simply select the slot you wish to sell and click the Sell Slot button.

Alliance Slots

You can also use slots that your alliance has purchased to fly to . Your alliance can purchase up to 15 slots for all of their members to use. These 15 slots add on to your personal slots giving you up to a maximum of 30 cities to fly to. Note that there is no reason to personally own a slot if your alliance owns a slot.

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