Aleppo Air Charters Ltd. d/b/a - Aleppo Charters Ltd. was founded by George and Maxwell Tir.  The current CEO is George Tir.  The companys headquarters at Aleppo Airport.  


George and Maxwell Tir, brothers, founded Aleppo Air Charters Ltd. in 1994.  The airline was founded as Aleppo Flight Services Ltd.  Aleppo Flight Services changed their name to Aleppo Air Charters in 2003 and moved out of scheduled passenger service and changed to charter.  The airline ran into financial troubles in Mid-2004 and were able to get out of it in late 2005.  In 2007, the airline began to operate flights between Aleppo and Kuwait for Kuwait Konnection and flights for Air France between Paris and London-LHR.  In 2008 the airline won the award Best Charter Airline in the Middle East.  In 2011 the airline's pilots went on strike from February 11-March 4.  In 2013 the airline announced a new logo.  In 2014 the new logo was added to all aircraft.  

Notable Frequent UsersEdit

-Air France

-Kuwait Konnection

-The Tir Family

-Aleppo Flying Sevices

-FlyBe (Usually uses Aleppo Air Charters Q400 4-5 times per month)


Aircraft Notes # In Fleet Years
Airbus A320-200 2 (1 for Kuwait Konnection)
Airbus A330-200 3 (1 For Aleppo Flying Services)
Airbus A340-600 1 (For Syrian Government)
Airbus A310-300 6 (5 For Aleppo Flying Services)
Boeing 787-10 0 (2 orders)
Boeing 717-200 2 (2 for Air France)
Dash 8-400 1 (1 for FlyBe as needed)
Cessna 208 Caravan

Scheduled Passenger ServiceEdit

From 1994 to 2003 the airline offered scheduled passenger service using 4 DC-9s from 1994-2001 and 3 Boeing 717-200s from 2001-2004, and 6 Airbus A300s from 1995-2004. The A300s were retired in 2004 and the DC-9s were retired in 2001. The 2 of the 3 717-200s in the fleet still remain in service.

Scheduled Cargo Service Edit

From 1996 to 1999 the airline offered scheduled cargo service using 2 Boeing 727-200Fs.

Passengers Service for Airlines Edit

Airlines including Air France lease planes from Aleppo Charters.

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