In CyberAirlines, people can join an alliance to work together to raise funds for the alliance. The alliance collects 10% of your earnings on each flight which can go towards buying airport slots or alliance improvements for all members. If the flight has negative earnings the alliance will absorb 10% of the loss. You also are given a fuel discount from 1%-10% which is determined by the General Manager(GM)/Vice General Manager(Vice GM).

How to join

To find an alliance you wish to join click Alliance List on the left menu. This will show you an overview of all alliances in the game, including their number of members, total rating, and average rating. By clicking on each alliance you can view their alliance information page, with their description and forum link. You can also visit the forum and go to the Airline Alliance Discussion section where many GMs post information about their alliance if you wish to learn more about alliances you wish to join.

When you are ready to join an alliance, go to their information page and click the Request to Join button at the top. The GM will then be able to accept or deny you.

Alliance Airport Slots

One benefit of joining an alliance,is alliance airport slots. This is one of the things your hard earned money that the alliance collected a percentage of goes to. The alliance GM can purchase slots that every member can use. You do no need to personally own a slot the alliance owns to use it. The alliance slots allow you to have a maximum of 30 airport slots in total to fly to.

Alliance Improvements

Alliances can also purchase improvements that benefit all members of the alliance. There are currently two improvements, Alliance Technicians and Planes Purchase Discount. Alliance Technicians improvement gives all members a 10% discount on their repairs. Planes Purchase Discount gives all members a 10% discount on purchasing new planes. These are very expensive improvements.

Creating an Alliance

To create an alliance, your account must be at least 5 days old and you must have at least 8 rating. Click the Create Alliance link on the left menu and you will then go through the steps of creating it.

General Managers

General Managers can edit the alliance description and forum link. They can also use the alliance funds to purchase slots or improvements. They can set the fuel discount of each member from 1%-10% as well.

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