American Airline System (AAS) was founded by George R. Hancock on July 27, 1971 and commenced operations on October 2, 1972. Operations ceased on January 1, 2000.

History Edit

AAS begun with a single aircraft before expanding to a wide fleet. George R. Hancock, the founder and CEO of the airline purchased the single aircraft himself, which was last known to be in service with Fly540 Airways of Africa, it's current status is unknown, but it is believed to still be flying under a different registration.

Destinations Edit

AAS served many destinations from it's hubs which were New York-Kennedy, Chicago-O'Hare, and Boston-Logan. The airline also served many destinations from it's focus cities which were Dallas-Fort Worth and Las Vegas McCaren.

Fleet Edit

Aircraft # in fleet Notes Status
Boeing 707-320B 7 Scrapped
Boeing 720 16 Scrapped
Boeing 747-100 4 Scrapped
Boeing 757-200 20 (30 orders) Some in service with Icelandair In-Service/Scrapped
Boeing 757-300 0 (5 orders) Were to replace Airbus A300B4
Boeing 737-100 2 Scrapped
Boeing 737-200 30 Some in service (Replaced Boeing 737-100) In-Service/Scrapped
Boeing 737-500 4 all in service with Southwest In-Service
Boeing 737-600 1 (9 orders) In-Service
Boeing 747-200 10 Scrapped
Airbus A300B4 3 Scrapped
Boeing 747-400 0 (15 orders) Were to replace Airbus A300B4, 747-200
Boeing 777-200 3 (2 orders) some in service In-Service/Stored

Closing Edit

AAS announced on December 1, 1999 the following. Many customers were very angry with the company after the airline decided to return only 90% of their fare price. On December 17, 1999, the airline finally agreed to fully refund every passenger.

American Airline System regrets to inform all customers and staff that our final flight will take place on January 1, 2000 from New York to Chicago with a Boeing 747-200, operating as Flight 0001 departing New York at 11:00AM after "Final Flight Celebrations".  AAS encourages you to book with American Airlines.  AAS has been unable to pay bills/fees for the past 2.5 years.  For full information, please go to, email, or call our closure information hotline at 1-800-2fly-aas ext. 6.  Customers will have their fares 90% returned.
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