Asiana Airlines


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Main FactsEdit

Headquarters Seoul/ICN International Airport, South Korea

Primary Hub Seoul/ICN International Airport, South Korea

Secondary Hub Nagasaki Omura Airport, Japan

CEO foodcrazyboy

Fleet Size 3

Destinations 6

Alliance ~Wings of Asia~

Asiana Airlines, was created on January 16th,2009 in Seoul, South Korea. Its CEO and owner is Korean business tycoon foodcrazyboy.


Asiana Airlines currently operates 3 Turbo-prop type aircraft. The aircraft operates 2 ATR-72-500s, and 1 Bombardier Dash Q400


Asiana currently operates 6 routes, 3 in Japan, and 3 in the People's Republic of China

Alliance membershipEdit

Asiana is a ~Wings of Asia~ Alliance member with Bendale as CEO of the alliance.

Code Share AgreementsEdit

Asiana currently has a code share agreement with:


Asiana serves special meals on China flights only. This includes Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine.

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Korean Delicacy Aboard Asiana airlines.


There are no fatal or near fatal incidents regarding Asiana aircraft. They have a perfect safety record.