DCAirlines (DCA) Edit

Foundation Edit

DCA was founded in the small town of Santa Clarita, California Near the airport of LAX. DC's dream was to create the worlds largest airline,

started a commuter service between LAX and Las Vegas, Before long the airline was a hit! With its success he sold his 4 ATR72's and

bought out a brand new MD-81. Now with demand changing the company decided to try flying to Milwaukee. Sadly, It was deemed a failure.

With the company in fear of bankruptcy, the owner made a fast decision to switch to flights going to San Francisco, And It was a Hit!!! Now

With 10 Rating and climbing , DCA is making it's way to the top! But on September 1st 2009 The CEO noticed that his airline was getting

passed up by other airlines, he went to the fleet management team and started leasing 4 ATR72's and now are servicing between LAX and San

Fransisco. So far the route has earned the company an astonishing 1,300,000$ along with 3 rating. Also in just ONE day the new fleet has

brought in over 1 rating for a total rating of 11Rating points and climbing.

Fleet Edit

DCA has a fleet of a single MD-81, with planes to lease out more

Past Planes

Model------------Plane ID-----------------Earnings------------Service





Current Fleet

Model-------Plane ID-------------------------Earnings----------------Service

MD-81-------DCA01-------------------------$3,501,896-------------225hours   -Owned-

ATR-72------DCA02---------------------------$67,000---------------19hour(s) -Unleased-

ATR-72------DCA02---------------------------$47,000---------------18hour(s) -Unleased-

ATR-72------DCA02---------------------------$52,000---------------19hour(s) -Unleased-

ATR-72------DCA02---------------------------$39,000---------------20hour(s) -Unleased-