Company Logo

Johnny sack2

John Sackrimoni

James gandolfini

Tony Soprano


CEO Silvio Dante

Aida turturro

Janice Soprano, stewerdess

Lorraine bracco

Jenniffer Melfi, stewardess

Drea dematteo

Adriana La Cerva, stewardess

Jamie lynn discala

Meadow Soprano, stewardess

Edie falco

Carmela Soprano, stewardess

Gloria trillo

Gloria Trillo, stewardess

Dante Airlines is a legal successor of former Bada Bing Airlines that went bankcrupt during the blackout of 2008. Dante Airlines has it's headquarters in Warsaw, and makes flights between Berlin and Warsaw, and haven't joined any alliances yet. The airline was funded by Anthony Soprano and John Sackrimoni. The first CEO was Silvio Dante, during his era, the company purchased 3 planes. In May, 2008 Silvio Dante was shot by two gunman in New Jersey. However, Mr Dante survived the assasination attempt but he's in coma, and it's still unknown if he will recover or not. The acting CEO is Carmine Lupertazzi Jr. aka "little Carmine". In late May, Mr Lupertazzi took a loan of about almost 6 million dollars and purchased an used ATR-42 plane, which was the 4th plane in the fleet. But without any doubt, his biggest move so far was that with his investors, Corrado Soprano, Jackie Aprile Sr, Anthony Soprano, John Sackrimoni, and Carmine Lupertazzi Sr he created a new airlines alliance, Soprano Airways. Soprano Airways is growing rapidly, purchasing airport slots in Eastern Europa.

Little carmine2

acting CEO Carmine Lupertazzi Jr.

Steve schirripa

Bobby Baccalieri, pilot of the McDonnell Douglas MD-90 plane

Joseph gannascoli

Vito Spatafore, pilot of the ATR-72 plane

Tony sirico

Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri, pilot of the ATR-42 plane

Richie aprile2

Richie Aprile, pilot of the second ATR-42 plane

Gabriella dante

Gabriella Dante, stewardess

Charmaine bucco

Charmaine Bucco, stewardess

Livia soprano

Livia Soprano, stewardess :)