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Delta Air Corp. Edit

Delta Air Corp. returned from the Great Blackout on April 4, 2008. After the Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Delta Airlines renamed itself Delta Air Corp. and introduced Delta Connection. Delta Air Corp. is currently the 125th largest airline in the world. It also has routes in the US and Cuba.

Delta Connection Edit

Delta Connection was launched April 12, 2008. Delta Connection currently runs all Delta Air. Corp. flights. in the future, Delta Connection will control all ATR-42 and ATR-72 aircraft. Delta Connection currently has hubs in Chicago, Dallas, and Orlando.

Destinations Edit

Chicago (HUB)
Dallas-Fortworth (HUB)
New York
Orlando (HUB)
Salt Lake City
St. Louis

Air Fleet Edit

Currently, Delta Connect owns the following aircraft:

4 ATR-72

Schedules Edit

2 flights departing Chicago daily.
1 flight into Orlando daily
1 flight into/departing Dallas daily

All other flights to other destinations are based on ticket sales and need for that route.