Econoair is a Boston-based low-cost carrier. The airline opened in 2004, but it's roots can be traced to 1998 after Jet Airways opened.

History Edit

Morton James founded Jet Airways in 1998, but the airline closed in 2002 after financial problems. Morton James founded Econoair in 2004 with a different business plan to Jet Airways. Econoair was a no-frills, low-cost carrier. Jet Airways was an ultra-low cost carrier with full in flight service.

Fleet Edit

Aircraft Amount Operated Dates Operated Notes
Airbus A318 8 2004-present
Airbus A319 2 2004-present Formerly operated 3, one written off after crash.

Another Airbus A318 was operated between August 17, 2013 and December 31, 2013 after an Airbus A319 was scrapped after an accident. A 15-year oldAirbus A320 was operated between 2004 and 2005 before it was replaced by a new Airbus A319.

Destinations Edit

Econoair serves over 45 destinations from it's Boston and Seattle hubs.

Incidents Edit

Econoair has been involved in one accident leading to two deaths.

On August 9, 2013, Econoair Flight EA 9901 from Toronto-YYZ to Boston crashed into a field after take-off. The plane wasn't carrying passengers. Both of the pilots were killed. The plane was an Airbus A319.

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