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FedEx Logo

FedEx Asia

Headquarters Guangzhou-Baiyun International Airport, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China

Primary Hubs

  • Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok International Airport
  • Singapore Changi International Airport
  • Tokyo Narita Airport

Fleet Size 1

Destinations Non-scheduled (Daily or Weekly Cargo Charter Services)

Chairman Nikki


FedEx Asia is a Parcel Delivery Service based in Guangzhou-Baiyun, China. It maintains 1 A300F and carries daily parcel, and freighter services and contracts in the Asia-Pacific region.



Airbus A300F taxiing to the runway of Guangzhou-Baiyun International Airport.

FedEx currently has 1 A300F aircraft. It is also ordering several freighter planes.

  • Airbus A310-200F (2 in Order with 4 in option)
  • Airbus A300F (1 in Order with 2 in option)
  • Boeing 767-300F (2 in Order with 6 in option)

Lease Orders

  • 2 Airbus A310-200F
  • 2 Antonov An-225 Mriya "Cossack"


All of FedEx's cargo contracts are in bidding 1st at its Headquarters.

Safety RecordEdit

FedEx Asia has a perfect safety record. With no minor or major incidents.

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