Filipino Airways is a Manila-based airline operating in and out of the country. It has just been recently founded yet has started strong and is now top airline in Cyber Airline TE. The airline has a fleet of one Boeing 767-200ER and an ATR 42F. It has currently 9 slots aroung the world including Munich, Miami, New York JFK, Honolulu, London LHR, and others. The 767-200ER regularly flies from Manila to Paris, Paris to Honolulu or Miami, and back to Manila. The ATR 42F only flies regionally, around the United States. The airline is also the founder of the alliance, Southeast-Asia Alliance. The Cyber Airlines regular editon Filipino Airways has a fleet of Bombardier CS300 and ATR 42F. The CS300 flies regularly in and out of Manila to Mongolia and Thailand while the ATR flies around the United States. It is also a member of the Open Skies alliance, the game's biggest and best alliance.

Fleet (Tournament Edition):

1 Boeing 767-200ER

1 ATR 42F

Fleet (Regular Edition):

Bombardier CS300


Alliance (Tournament Edition):

Southeast-Asia Alliance

Alliance (Regular Edition)

Open Skies Alliance