Forrest Gabriel S. Cruz founded Intelligent Airlines June 11, 2014.  The airline started operations with headquarters in Manila, Asia.  It is ranked #1005 out of 1005 airlines in the world.  The airline operates one Concorde. 

Fleet Edit

Intelligent Airlines operated 1 Concorde in a 1-class configuration. Their Concorde was 39 years old at time of closure of the airline. It was sent to the Mojave desert aircraft boneyard.

Destinations Edit

Intelligent served these destinations at some point during their operations





Staff Edit

Intelligent Airlines operated a staff base at Manilla. 58 people were employed at closure, and 61 people were employed at the highest point of the airline.

Legacy Edit

Despite the airline operating for not even 10 months, it was one of the best known airlines. Intelligent Airlines was the final company to operate the Concorde. The airline was also known for it`s expensive tickets and bad service.

Forrest Gabriel S. Cruz and Staff Edit

There is no information about Mr. Cruz anywhere. Intelligent Airline`s head office was located on the ground of Manilla International Airport in a small hangar with a couple of cubicles. The staff here did not know anything about Mr. Cruz.