Joga Airlines (ICAO: JGA, Call sign: JOGA) is a small airline based in New York, USA. A member of the United Controllers alliance, it is the second largest airline based at JFK, and ranks in the top 50% of all airlines. Joga specializes in food delivery or emergency services.

Fleet and destinationsEdit

Joga Airlines operates 5 new ATR 42-500 Freighters, along with a brand new Airbus 320 with flights every 2 hours from New York to Washington, and vice-versa. Joga also operates a Beechcraft B1900D on its commuter service from New York to New Jersey, with flights departing every 30 minutes. For pricing and additional information, call 1-888-FLY-JOGA or visit


Unfortunatley, on August 19th, 2011. Joga Airlines gone bankrupt and was no longer in service. It had been sold to an independant airline Air Gydo and since then Joga Airlines had never made a flight. The succesful company had gone bankrupt after a series of fatal crashes which had completley ruined their reputation, sales had decreased and soon passengers too. Joga Airline's retiremant had just been a series of unlucky turnouts that eventually brought down a striving airline.

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