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Leasing and YOU Edit

Volume 1 Edit

As days pass and I put more hours in the game, I slowly build the impression that there are no big differences between the planes of the same category. The bigger they are the more money and rating they get you. In Leasing vol.1 we analyzed why leasing gets you rating if you are in the category 0-60. Here in vol.2 I assume you have achieved a rating over 60 and started leasing medium range planes.

In what aspects leasing medium range planes differs from leasing smaller ones? Well one big difference is the cost. You have to make earnings bigger than the leasing cost out of the plane that you leased. This means you have to make quite a lot of money in a day to pay for bigger planes. Bigger numbers bring bigger risks. If you do not know what you need then you end up with a big debt at the end of the day. And what you need is more time for playing!

Variables and random factors are the same as in vol.1. The difference here is "business class" passengers. Again in order to be able to create a formula, we proceed to the following justified assumptions:
1. The leased planes fly always at condition above 95% in order to avoid forced repairs.
2. Repair costs for the medium range planes are 3600$ for every 1000Km of flight (double than regional)
3. Fuel price varies between 1.5-3.0$ randomly from city to city so we take an average of 2.25$
4. The amount of passengers is around 30% on average (average scenario but realistic for Airlines with rating over 60).
5. The ticket cost is 0.4$/Km for routes less than 900 Km
6. The cargo per Kg is 10$ and the cargo average is half the maximum cargo capacity of the plane
7. The distance is DST and is between 300 and 900 Km from home base
8. The daily leasing cost of the plane is LSN
9. The daily income from the plane is INC
10. The earnings from a single route is E
11. The seats are ECO for economy and BUS for business
12. The Fuel Usage is CONSUM
13. The calculations are made without considering alliance membership and codesharing (even if we did the difference is so small that can be neglected)
14. For simplicity we do not count delays here.

Daily profit = Earnings - Expenses

Earnings = (ECO x 30%) X (DST X 0.4) + (BUS x 30%) X (DST X 0.8) + (CRG/2)*10

Expenses = (DST X CONSUM X 2.25) + REPAIR


No of Routes = Leasing cost / Daily profit (rounded to the next integer)

An Airbus 310 flying a 500 Km route back and forth will make even with 11 routes. With a speed of 850 Km/h it can make about 1.7 routes per hour so in about 6 and a half hours it will break even.

The smaller Airbus 320 flying a 500 Km route back and forth will make even with 15 routes. With a speed of 950 Km/h it can make about 1.9 routes per hour so in about 8 hours it will break even.

The Boeing 767-300 sucks!!! It needs 18 routes!

At 900 Km routes the numbers change but not much
Airbus 310 needs 10 routes (1 less)
Airbus 320 needs 12 routes (2 less)
Boeing 767-300 needs 17 routes (1 less)

At 350Km it gets interesting!
Airbus 310 needs 12 routes (1 more)
Airbus 320 needs 16 routes (1 more)
Boeing 767-300 needs 18 routes (no difference)

Why Boeing 767-300 sucks? Easy: It has a very expensive leasing price while seats, cargo and speed are almost the same as Airbus A310 that costs 282,000$ less!

So choose carefully and fly medium planes in medium routes (600-900 Km) when leasing them. Be prepared to spend more hours of playing just to get the cost (but not more than office hours :-)

Fuel prices make a big difference so try to buy several slots around your home base at the distances that suit your fleet in order to have cheap fuel every day in your routes.

Volume 2 Edit


Leasing guide vol.2
"Leasing strategy for new Airlines with rating 1-15. A comparative study of all planes from Yak-40 up to Bombardier CRJ900"

1. Introduction
I read a lot of posts in the forums about what is the best plane, what is the plane players like the most and other stuff. Allow me to say that most of the post are not to be taken serious because the lack proofs of what they say and most of the time there is no methodology behind so the results have absolutely no value. As they say in my profession, the amount of information in them is zero.

2. The leasing question for new airlines
So you are a new airline. You bought a big new plane or one medium and one small or you spent all of your money on Yak-40 and slots. It doesn't matter. In order to get rating and money fast you need to lease as many planes as possible. The game lets you to lease 4 at a time and for no less for 3 days. The minimum period of 3 days needs special attention because if you lease expensive planes and for some reason you loose a day of game play then you may end up with a debt instead of profit. But the main question is what planes to lease? Are they all the  same? No they are not! As you will see there are some bargains and some really bad choices for players with rating 1-15. Bad choices will not destroy you but you will loose your time for nothing.

3. Assumptions
For this comparative study I used the formulas that I have described in vol.1 and 2. Here I inserted another factor also that will allow us to judge what is the best plane in terms of how fast it generates money (careful I am not talking about rating). With big cruising speed it is obvious that a plane can complete more routes per hour and consequently more routes per day. My calculations assume that you play until you make the money for the lease and then you play 8 hours on top of that without loosing any time between routes. Also all the calculations have been made with a 350 Km route that is very close to the shortest allowed limit allowed (of 300 Km). Again I take a mean value for the fuel (2,25$) and a mean value for the passengers on board (26,5%). The planes fly always above 91% condition and finally as we said in the beginning the Airline has a rating below 15. The figure sI give are statistic mean values, this means you can get lower earnings in some routes and higher in others but the mean value of the month will be the one I present.

4. Good planes (bargains)

With a rating 5 you can lease the Dash 8 Q300. You need only 5.8 hours per day to make the lease cost and if you continue you can make about 56,000-57,000$ per day on average.

With a rating 6 you can lease the ATR 72. You will need 5.3 hours per day to make the lease cost and if you continue you can make about 85,000$ per day.

With a rating 7.50 you can lease the Dash 8 Q400. You need only 5 hours per day to make the lease cost and if you continue you can make about 108,000$ per day.

If you reach rating 9 then lease the Antonov An-148. You need only 4.1 hours per day to make the lease cost and if you continue you can make about 154,000$ per day.

Fokker 70 requires rating 11. In 4.7 hours per day you will make the lease cost and if you continue you can make about 168,000$ per day on average. It is not the best plane to my opinion although many think it is.

The second best plane in this list is the British Aerospace BAe-146 with 4.6 hours and 178,000$ daily for your Bank account but requires 11.50 rating. The real Agean Airlines still uses a similar model from BAe.

and the best choice comes from...


the best plane in this category is the ACAC ARJ21-900 that needs only 4.1 hours to pay its expenses and will make 210,000$ for you but it needs 12 rating from you

even better though it is the Tupolev Tu-334 but it needs a 14.50 rate so maybe some players wait until they get to the next level (but it is really the best! 4 hours - 258,000$)

5. Bad planes (black holes of gameplay)

Well most of you have already think that you know the answer... Well IT IS NOT the Yak-40!!

The bad planes are (starting from the worse):
Antonov An-140 (8.3 hours to payback!)
Antonov An-24 (7.7 hours)
Xian MA60 (7.5 hours)
and then is the
Yak 40 (7.0 hours)
ATR 42 (6.9 hours)

and to think that there are some new players that spend all of their initial money to buy fleets of Yak-40.

6. Epilogue

I believe my next guide will discuss the levels 16-30

I am at rating 84 today after 32 days palying and just entered the top 10% of this game. I have 1129 Airlines behind me. I have made many mistakes in the beginning because I did not study the rules and the formulas. I hope you can do better with my guides.

Happy flying!

Attention airliners!

If instead of 350 Km routes you fly let's say 600 Km there is a dramatic increase on the hours needed to make the daily leasing costs. To be successful then, you need to fly only to routes with the lowest fuel prices (well below my 2.25$ average that I use in these calculations).

However the good planes remain good and the bad planes just get worse.


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