Loew's Hotel Products Wholesale is a hotel product wholesale company. The company was founded on January 4, 2011 by W. Allen, CEO of Loew's Airways & Travel.

Locations Edit

  • Toronto (Headquarters)
  • Montreal
  • Detroit

Quality Edit

Loew's Hotel Products Wholesale carries an economy range of products from lobby signs to TVs. Loew's claims to be the cheapest in the industry. Loew's has been rated as one of the best quality hotel product wholesalers. Main brands are:

  • Loew's Signature products are suitable for 5-star hotels. Loew's Signature products have been rated best luxury hotel products available in Canada.
  • Loew's Standard products are suitable for 3 & 4-star hotels. Loew's Standard products have been rated one of the best hotel products in Canada.
  • Loew's Budget are suitable for extended stay hotels, motels, and 2-star hotels. These products still offer the same quality of our other products.

Secondary brands are brands that are uncommon. Certain products that fall under these brands may need to be specially ordered. Secondary brands are:

  • Loew's Basic products are suitable for basic motels. The products are simple yet stylish.
  • Loew's Premium products are suitable for "6 and 7 star" hotels.