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Philippine Airways is new to the industry to airliners an was founded on June 27,2009.


Philippine Airways was built as a friend to air travelers. We treat our passengers as family members. Because of this, travelers are more comfortable in every flight they made in our airline. Flying with us remove stress to busy businessmen. Our flight attendants are wearing proper attire while inside the planes. By this, you are sure no bad implementation will be seen by your children. Each flight attendant chat with every passenger to encourage comfort. You can talk about life, love, and many more. But flight attendants to not entertain topics which are malicious or offensive.

History Edit

Philippine Airways was just a very small airline with One A300 And MD 81

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Philippine Airways have currently four routes.

Bacolod Silay International Airport =Philippines

Cebu Mactan International Airport =Philippines

Taipei-Touyan International Airport =Taiwan

Shanghai-Pudong International Airport =China

  • We are not currently flying to all our destinations, We only fly our route from Manila to Bacolod and Bacolod to Manila with our two(2) ATR 42. Bacolod is a profitable destination that's why we are flying there with two aircrafts. We also fly to Cebu and Taipei. We are currently having a survey at Cebu. 80% percent is a profit loss in this destination and

if this continues we will be forced to temporarily close the route. All routes will be open when the airline purchase wide-body aircrafts, such as an Airbus A340.


Philippine Airways' hub is Manila-Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3. We chose the terminal three because it provide more comfort to passenger. As we say, we provide comfort not only inside the plane but also outside.


Philippine Airways only hired talented, well trained and PAW crew test passer and because of this you are sure of your safety and comfort while flying with us.

Flight Frequency

Philippine Airways is operating non-stop routes everyday. We only have one hour maintenance break. This due to our small fleet.


While inside the plane, we offer paid meals at a very low price. This will help middle or lower class family to feel at home while inside the plane.

Future Plans Edit

Future Fleet

Philippine Airways is planning to buy the following planes...

-Five(5) Boeing 747-400

-Four(4) Airbus A340-300

-Four(4) Airbus A319

Future Destinations

Philippines Airways is planning to create routes on the following destination...

-Vancouver, Canada

-London Heathrow, England(UK)

-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

-Toyko, Japan

-Nagoya, Japan

-Beijing, China

-Dubai, UAE

-Jakarta, Indonesia

-Sacramento, California

-New York, USA

Incidents Edit

On our log, there are no accidents or incidents happened to all our planes. We currently have perfect safety record.

Latest Happenings Edit

June 13, 2009 Philippine Airways is now currently observing profits on two of our destinations, Cebu and Taipei. Cebu routes make less profit and Taipei route make profit loss.

June 14, 2009 Philippine Airways earn more profit in Bacolod.