The Route Information screen shows you the current status of all of your planes, if they are in route, on the ground, ready to land, or grounded for forced repairs.

When you click the Routes button you will be shown all of the possible routes that specific plane can fly. You can only fly to cities that you have already purchased an airport slot. You also will only see cities that are within the range of your plane. Note that you can not fly to a city if it is less than 300km in length. The airport capacity level is listed as well as your current bonus cities.

When you have chosen your desination, click the Route Info button for that city and you will come to the start route screen. Here it will list your maximum profits and ETA(estimated time of arrival) for the flight. You will not know how many passengers and how much cargo you are carrying until you click the Start Route button.

Once you have reached the ETA, the End Route button will appear. When you click it, the plane will be grounded and you will see the End Route screen showing you the profits and fuel costs for the flight, plus your alliance's collection and fuel payment. You will also see the amount of rating you received from the flight.

03:06, 17 April 2008 (UTC)Itzamna