Transavia Airlines Abbotsford DBA. Transavia was founded in 2014.  The airline was Abbotsford's largest airline at the time of it's closure.                                            

Focus Cities
Toronto Calgary
Fleet Size
7 (?)
11 (?)
Parent Company
EasyJet Group
Key People
Weston (CEO)
Revenue (As of June 2014)
Commenced Operations
March 2014
Ceased Operations
May 2014



  • ====Canada====
    • Abbotsford
    • Nanaimo
    • Comox
    • Calgary
    • Yellowknife
    • Toronto
    • Halifax
  • ====USA====
    • Fresno
    • Boise
    • Charlotte
  • ====Assorted European Destinations====
    • Amsterdam
    • Paris
    • Manchester


At the time of it's closure, Transavia's fleet consisted of:

Aircraft In Service Notes
ATR 42F (72F?) 1
Bombardier Q300 2
DHC 6-Twin Otter 4

Branded as Comox Airlines,

planned to be branded as 


Transavia's historical fleet:

Aircraft In Service Notes
Bombardier Q300 2 To other carrier
Yakovlev Yak-40 1 Lease Cancelled

Codeshare AgreementsEdit

Transavia was in a codeshare agreement with:

Airline Routes Operated By codeshare Routes operated for codeshare
American Airlines New York-Calgary-Vancouver Abbotsford-Fresno
Chungyang Airlines Toronto-Vancouver N/A

On-Board ServicesEdit

  • Economy Class offered beverages and snacks free of charge.  It also offered a Buy-On-Board service called Flyer.  The airline also offered wi-fi on most of its flights.  Personal TVs were installed on the Q300 and 737 planes.  On flight over 2.5 hours a meal was offered free of charge.
  • Business Class (Branded as Plus).  The airline also offered wi-fi on most of its flights.  Personal TVs were installed on the Q300 and 737 planes.  On most flights a multi-course meal was offered free of charge as well as Snacks and Beverages.  
  • First Class (Planned to be branded as Plus Extra).  Plus Extra was never installed on any Transavia planes.  The First Class seats were going to be the same as Plus, it would just be seats with extra legroom at the front of the plane (bulkhead).
  • Note - On the  flights with-in Europe on the Yakovlev Yak-40, the Buy-On-Board was branded as Snacker.  The Yak-40 didn't offer warm snacks or meals, coffee or tea.