Weston Allen Jets was founded by the present CEO of Air Iceland.  

Weston Allen Jets
Founded/Commenced Operations:
-Hamilton, Ontario
Focus Cities
Windsor Locks
148 (As of MAR 24/16)
Key People
Weston Allen (Founder), Jeff Allen (President/CEO), Ashton MacMillan (Vice-President/CFO)
51% Weston Allen Jets Holdings Corp.,24% Jeff Allen, 20% Private Investors, 5% Ashton MacMillan
Type of Airline
International, Celebrity Transit,


Weston Allen Jets offers passenger service and celebrity transport.  


Weston Allen Jets operates Yakovlev Yak-40s. 6 were operated until November 2015, when the fleet size became 5.

Type Seats # In Fleet Notes
Yakovlev Yak-40 32 3
Yakovlev Yak-40 10 2 exec. config


Weston Allen Jets serves destinations needed for charters. Schedule destinations include Hamilton, Windsor Locks, and New York-LGA. Until March 2015, the airline served Halifax as a scheduled destination

In-Flight ServiceEdit

Full service is provided to all passengers including a Premium meal, snack, and beverage.  


Weston Allen Jets flight 102 (July 20, 2014), A scheduled flight between Hamilton and Halifax landed about 50 Meters away from the runway.  The aircraft was later moved.  None of the 21 Passengers and 4 Crew were injured.  The airline did not release a Press Release, but just said flight 103, Halifax-Hamilton was delayed.  

Weston Allen Jets flight 5910 (July 27, 2014), A scheduled flight between Hamilton and New York was hijacked.  The flight continued to New York after crew and passengers were able to restrain him.  1 Crew Member was injured.  

Weston Allen Jets flight 6534 (December 21, 2014), A charter flight between New York-JFK and Toronto-Pearson landed with only the rear landing gear after the front landing gear failed to come out. Passengers were immediately evacuated from the aircraft with 3 of the 9 passengers and 1 of the 4 crew members with minor injuries. It is confirmed to be a mechanical issue. The aircraft was repaired and entered back into service.  

Weston Allen Jets flight 102 (May 23, 2015), was a scheduled flight between Hamilton and Halifax. The aircraft took a tailstrike upon landing at Halifax, none of the 17 passengers and 4 crew members were injured, but were evacuated immediately as a safety precaution. The captain was the same as in Weston Allen Jets flight 102 from July 20, 2014, which landed away from the runway. The airline released a press release in November 2015 and announced that the aircraft was scrapped after the accident,after it hadn;t been seen in service since the accident.  

Weston Allen Jets flight 508 (March 18, 2017), was a charter flight between Mont-Tremblant and Sudbury. The aircraft operating the flight depressurized at 24 500 feet. The cause is not currently known.  

On December 13, 2016, the company announced that the captain of both of the Flight 102 incidents had been fired on December 11, after sexually assaulting a female first officer. 32 year old Mike Davidson, the pilot, had committed the assault on October 14, 2016, and was put onto Administrative duties in the company's office at Hamilton airport on October 26, and was fired on December 11.  


Weston Allen Jets recently layed off 75 people bringing their total number of staff down to 156 from 231. 

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