ZipToChina is a Chinese low-cost international carrier founded in 1997. In November 2016, the airline will merge with Zip! Airlines.

Fleet Edit

Aircraft Dates Operated Amount Operated Remarks
Boeing 747-300 1997-Present 1 Former El-Al Israel, to be scrapped
Boeing 747-200M (Combi) 1999-2004 1 Former Air Canada, now scrapped
Boeing 747-400 2004-Present 1 Former NWA, to be transferred to Iraqi Air
McDonnell Douglas MD-83 2001-Present 1 Former TWA, to be transferred to Allegiant Air

Destinations Edit

Airport Name
Hong Kong Airport
Vancouver Airport
Seattle Airport
London Airport (LHR)

Accidents Edit

Flight 303, MD-83 service from Hong Kong to Beijing on October 3, 2005 returned to Hong Kong after engine failure.

Flight 683, Boeing 747-300 service from Vancouver to Hong Kong on August 17, 2015 landed hard and popped a tire on the right side of the plane. 8 passengers were injured as well as 1 crew member.

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